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Spezialklinik Neukirchen GmbH & Co. KG
Akutklinik zur Behandlung von Allergien, Haut- und Umwelterkrankungen anhand eines ganzheitlichen cortisonfreien Therapiekonzeptes

Energy Cosmetic Int. GmbH & Co. KG
Nahrungsergänzungen und Dermatokosmetik für Allergiker


Equiderm Pharma GmbH
Diätetische Produkte bei chronischen Hautentzündungen


Bio-Data GmbH
Individuelle Diätpläne bei Allergien und Reizdarmsyndrom

Naturprodukte für Allergiker, Haut-und Umwelterkrankte


CHARITY GALA 2012 Odette Budin - Desnudate Mujer (D. Bisbal) Massenet Meditation from Thais Odette Budin Odette Budin - Czardas ( Vittorio Monti) Odette Budin - Salut d'Amour (E. Elgar)


Order now at least two Energy© Cosmetic or Equiderm© Plus products and you will receive free (limited stock) Passion album of violinist Odette Budin - Energy© Cosmetic products brand image for Romania.



CELL ENERGY Emulsion CELL ENERGY Emulsion ENERGO Repair Complex ENERGO Repair Complex

This new skin care product boosts the cell activity and the growth of young cells. It increases the microcirculation of the skin surface, the production of melanin and stimulates the energy metabolism by its ATP precursors... [continue...]

The design of this product is based on the latest research data concerning the effects of free radicals in the skin. UV light, pollution and the genetically determined aging process result in an increase of the free radical production which, in turn, leads to an accelerated... [continue...]

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SLIM & SHAPE Body Lotion SLIM & SHAPE Body Lotion SOLARIS Anti-photoaging SPF 20 SOLARIS Anti-photoaging SPF 20

SLIM & SHAPE Body Lotion combines its hydrating properties with the activating and firming effects of algae extracts and caffeine. It works against the negative side-effect (cellulite, water retention) of inadequate nutrition and lack of exercise. By daily use of the lotion... [continue...]

Without sufficient sun protection, the constantly increasing UV radiation weakens the energetic and antioxidant reserves of the skin, thus leading to a premature loss of its moisture and elasticity.
SOLARIS Anti-photoaging Formula SPF 20 gives you an active skin aging protection due to UV-light (photoaging), and combines for the first... [continue...]

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  Energy emulsion   Equiderm Plus 
Energy emulsion

An ideal time care for her and him to smooth and regenerate stressed skin.
For stressed skin problem, especially in atopic dermatitis or psoriasis damaged skin, Energy® emulsion has a high impact with care constructive, stabilizing and skin-smoothing effect.
Energy® emulsion... [continue...]

Equiderm Plus 

Your help for Neurodermatitis, Psoriasis, Acne and Eczema
There are multiple causes leading to skin disease. Beside the individual genetic burden, environmental factors and unbalanced nutrition, impaired metabolic degradation pathways render to body unable to neutralize environmental toxin as well as intrinsically harmless substances. When combined with... [continue...]

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